Hey there, it’s Pauline, the lady behind the fest.


So, it’s been more than a week since Synthzilla and I think it’s important to talk about what happen. For all the miles you did to be there, I owe you this.

This second edition was tough, from the beginning to the last minutes. I’m managing this project almost on my own, I’m trying to do my best, despite of my personnal and professionnal life. Sometimes I feel like I’m too ambitious, but my purpose is to provide to the synthwave scene, a place to meet and dance.

For this year, our selling aren’t quite good, but I can see that the line-up was a bit foggy for all the synthwave beginners. A lot of people asked about why not Perturbator or Carpenter Brut : because they were at the 1st edition, and it’s not a festival if I put back on stage the same guys every year. There are other great artists I want to put on stage. It doesn’t mean I will not schedule them again, most of you know that I adore them.

For the 22nd of october, I don’t have all the answers about « what happens ?? ». Basically, the artists’ gear was accused, then we were too loud, then the city did put a limit on the electric system, then maybe it’s just the venue… I don’t know. I already worked twice with Le Jack Jack and everything was fine. After some researches, I’m now aware that the same troubles happened during an electro night the 15th of october.

It was really tough to live that, backstage with the artists panicking or getting a bit upset (and they were totally right to be upset !!), the crowd asking about what was this shit, the mean words on Twitter… The worst part was when we did have to announce that GosT was not returning on stage. As a fan and a friend, it torn me appart. It was one fucking year of work, and it was smashed by technicals issues.

I can only be deeply sorry for what happen. I know that people were coming from far away : USA, Canada, Germany, Romania, Great Britain even Korea. Honestly, I still can believe that you did the journey and everything went wrong. But thank you so much.

Backstage, all of the artists told me that they were very happy to be there and they thought that the crowd was amazing. You were : very supportive, cheerful,… I don’t think that every scene can say that their crowd is respectful like that.

For now, the fest needs to recover a bit of this « failure ». A lot of people who were there told me that it was good… but as the sellings aren’t positive and the main evening encounters some troubles, for me it’s not. I want perfection, I want my artists and my crowd to have fun. This project attends to evolve and has to regain your trust. I don’t have any announcement to do today. Unless that the fest will may be not happen in Lyon. I’m not turning my back of the Lyon’s people, they was there since the beginning and I will never thank them enough for that. But we are welcoming now a lot of foreigners, and maybe we need to go to a more strategic place. The fest needs to grow up, to be easier for foreigner to come to. I hope to see you again, on the road or at the fest. I hope to prove you that it’s not an amateur thing with the 3rd edition, but a real project which is going to make you dance again and again !

I would love to thank my ancient coworker Kevin, who is now leaving the fest to focus on other projects.